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I have deployed the project pier VA into a VM Ware environment.  I have changed the disk space in vmware to 40 gig instead of the default 20, but I have not figured out how to get the OS to regonize the increased storage space.  I do not have a lot of experience with linux, but am a quick study.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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I felt safe because I was able to make a VM sanpshot and restore it if I messed things up to badly.


I used "cfdisk" to delete the swap partition then recreated it out at the end of the disk space. actually near the end, ther is some unused space beyond it, just incase.  Then rebooted the device.  I then used cfdisk to remove the first partition and then created it again using the same start point and gave it a higher ending value, leaving some unused space between the two partitions.

then I used resize2fs /dev/hsa1 to increase the filesystem size.


all is good with the world...

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Most users wouldn't have the guts to try that sort of magic on bare metal but on a VM appliance, going back is easy it encourages you to experiment. Nice!

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