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Hi everyone.

I'm tryin to add the vgcal 2.0 extension to vtiger.

Please Help

Thank You

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Not that I know anythng about vTiger...

For starters I would try to follow whatever documentation there is for it (and check that it is relevant to the version of vTiger supplied by TKL). If it isn't working in the way that the plugin devs suggest that it should then googling the error can sometimes help. Otherwise it may be worth enquiring with vTiger community (with more specific details of error messages and/or behaviours). I'm not sure about vTiger specifically, but most software like vTiger have community forums and/or a mailing list.

It's not that I'm trying to fob you off, but you're more likely to get the specific help you need through the vTiger community than here.

If it seems that the issue lays with TKL rather than vTiger itself then please by all means ask some more. Or perhaps someone else with more knowledge than me will come along?

Also if you do work it out (elsewhere), be great if you could post back as it will no doubt help others.

Good luck. :)

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Thank you for the response, I'm still researching on the VGcal. But information regarding it from the VTiger update forum states that testing on the new vgcal for version 5.4.0 has not been completed yet.

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I have much experiance using vtiger 5.1. Setup should be pretty straight forward. But honestly IMO and its only that, is that the vgcal dosnt work all that great at least it didn't last time i tried it. You might try an older version of vtiger as the plugins which are mostly 3rd party would be much more mature. Check out the feature set to see if thats possible for you. 

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