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Seems the new TKL requires now PAE to be enabled ,  which is different from the previous versions.

I don't know if this was intentional or not.

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Correct, the 32bit image requires PAE. This wasn't a decision we made, but rather one that Debian made with Wheezy. As you can see, the linux-image-686 (dummy) package depends on linux-image-686-pae - so we don't have a choice in the matter. There is no non-pae 686 kernel to my knowledge in Wheezy.

BTW, the same package in Squeeze linux-image-686 is a meta package, depending on the non-pae kernel package directly.

The requirement for PAE was documented in the changelog, and linked to in the announcement - but maybe we should have included a blurb about it...

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My fault, I didn't read the Changelog.

Seems solid to me, Installation went smoothly, so far no problems encountered.

Tonight or tomorrow I will test the 64 bit version...


Any idea when there will be a RC version available for openvz ?

I really want to test that 64bit version on LXC and see how it performs.


2013 will be a wonderfull year for TKL !

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