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I am new at this... I downloaded and installed "File Server - Simple Network Attached Storage" on a "new" drive which uses Ajaxplorer v.4.0.4. and which works fine.

In order in install other modules, I suppose I need to upgrade it to the latest version (v.4.2.3) but the settings options do not show on the menu as specified by Ajaxplorer.

How do I proceed to upgrade it? Anyone?


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When you say 'install other modules' I assume that you mean Ajaxplorer modules? (I wasn't even aware that there are other modules for it...) If so then have you tried on the current version?

Failing that I would try (on a test VM) to download it from upstream and try just overwriting the existing install (although perhaps check first for any config file).

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Trying to upgrade from within ajexplorer gives an error - Directory not writable.

An ls -l gives quite a variety of perms on the different folders so  a temporay chmod 777 /aj~

would be hard to set back.

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