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If someone has customized one of the solutions where Turnkey has a solution to create an EC2 instance with that information and code....after the install and all is on the EC2 instance etc....can one then go in and update/overwrite files to add the updated code fo the customziations?

Is there some way to use Turnykey along iwth the customized version made?


Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps you could be a little more specific...? When you talk about a customised solution, are you talking software or a fully customised server instance?

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I responded to your email on the same topic, and just noticed that you created a thread so I'm posting my response here as well.

Hi Steve,
It's best to ask these type of questions on the forum.
I don't exactly follow what you're getting at, so I'll guess for now. If I'm mistaken, please clarify.
Guess #1: You've deployed TurnKey Vtiger locally on a VM, and now you want to migrate the server to the cloud. To do that, you can use TKLBAM (TurnKey Backup and Migration) [1], that's what it was designed for. You'd perform a backup of the server, then in the Hub, launch the backup as a new cloud server. This will launch a new server, and perform a restore of the backup.
Guess #2: You've forked vtiger itself, and now want to apply those customizations to a TurnKey Vtiger instance. In this case, you could use SFTP to copy over the customized files to /var/www/vtigercrm on the turnkey instance, and restarting the webserver. But keep in mind that this is best done if the forked vtiger version is the same as the one installed on the instance. If it isn't, you might want to upgrade vtiger. Alternatively, you could start with TurnKey LAMP and install your Vtiger fork manually...
I hope the above helps.
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You beat me to it Alon. My guess was your #2 that Steve has a non-TKL custom install of vTiger and wants to tranfer it to TKL...

But I don't have anything to add to Alon's other than to suggest that you don't do anything to your 'old' (current) vTiger server until your new (TKL) server is up and running and fully tested...

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