Is there an Appliance for OpenSim ?

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Here? If so then the answer is no. But it would be cool by the look of it! Perhaps you could make a TKLPatch for it? :)

Yes OpenSimulator

Not sure if i could create a TKLPatch  i know how to setup opensim though new 7.5 is going to need mono 2.10.x which debian 6 uses 2.4.x unless you compile it your self but current version of Ubuntu and Debian 7 is useing 2.10.x  it should also have nant,curl,xmlrpc a web server is needed if you plain on runing your own grid and want to have search profiles etc there is also a setup you can use joomla 


again as for a TKLPatch Not sure on how to create one i looked at docs but still unclear about it

the RC version of the core would be what to build off I didnt find anything about how to use core with Ubuntu

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Which is based on Debian Wheezy (which I assume from your post includes a useable version of Mono) so that could be a useful base? A TKLPatch is basically a bundle which includes an install script (conf file) and an overlay (files to be added to the filesystem). 

So generally the best workflow to follow (IMO) when looking to create a patch is to install the software (to the TKL base appliance of your choice, in this instance it'd be TKL v13.0RC Core) carefully documentating as you go. Then make that the basis of your conf script in your TKLPatch.

Perhaps this isn't detailed enough info for you, but will hopefully get you started (if that's what you choose to do). Even if you just document your install it would be a great start for someone else who may wish to take it further (even if you don't want to or can't make the patch, someone else might?)

I'm certainly no master, but I have made quite a few patches and am fairly handy with TKL so don't be scared to ask questions! :)

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