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I just set up Turnkey 12.0 and was very excited to dig in - well I've spent the last hour trying to search the interwebs for the answer to the mysterious question of what is the default Webmin password upon initial set up. I found about 10 different answers and none of them worked. 

I've searched the forums, the webs, the documentation, and am baffled by the lack of something so simplistic.

I have tried root/turnkey, turnkey/root, admin/root, admin/turnkey, my own username and password that i set up during install...nothing.. a little help would be awesome before I give up on turnkey before I get started. 

Thanks to all!

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username = root

password = the root password you set up during install


Hope I just saved someone a few grey hairs.

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And mentions of it are sprinkled throughout the forums. It does also get mentioned in the docs (under 'new to TKL'). Each appliance page has this:

Credentials (passwords set at first boot):

  • Webmin, SSH, MySQL, phpMyAdmin: username root

And whilst that doesn't totally explicitly state that Webmin uses root pam user and password  I don't think it's that obscure that you wouldn't think to try it... But perhaps you missed that?

Regardless, thanks for posting back. Now other newbies will be able to find this post if they are in the same position as you! :)

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