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I'm new to AWS and Turnkey, and I was hoping to get a little clarification on the pricing. I'm trying to switch to the Budget plan for $20/month + 0% usage fees. However, it looks like the cost of a small instance on this plan will be 8.5 cents/hour (Virginia region). Amazon advertises the cost of this to be 6 cents/hour, so I'm trying to figure out where the extra 2.5 cents/hour comes from, or what it is for, since there are no usage fees. Can someone please clarify?


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Hello again--I see where you have now updated the pricing on the hub's Launch page. It is now showing the correct price. However, when I attempt to enable the Budget plan, it takes me to the Amazon site which still shows the price at 8.5 cents/hour. Does this need to be corrected as well?

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So to get the +0% pricing you need to move to EBS backed instances (I suggest using TKLBAM to migrate your data across). Perhaps that is the problem? (Although I can't be sure...)

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Yesterday we completed a round of updates on the Hub and on the Amazon pipeline. Liraz sent out an email (which you should have received), but I'm including it below for reference.

If something still isn't clear, please let me know.

Amazon EC2 instance pricing reduced 33%

Dear TurnKey Hub user,

Good news! Amazon have reduced hourly usage fees for small and medium
instances by 33%.

Example fee reduction in the US East EC2 region:

- small instance: $0.08/hour => $0.06/hour
- medium instance: $0.16/hour => $0.12/hour

You should receive an email titled "Price Change for TurnKey Linux" from
Amazon Payments with the exact details.

How does this effect different Hub plans?

1) Business & Budget plans: as promised these plans have no premiums on
   usage fees beyond the flat-rate monthly fee. Users have been paying
   reduced usage fees as soon as Amazon announced them a few weeks ago.

   Unfortunately, there was a confusing technical issue that made it
   appear as if the old fees were being charged even after Amazon's
   price reduction. This caused some new users to complain regarding
   misleading pricing claims on the Hub.  Please note this was only a
   user interface quirk and that usage fees in the Business and Budget
   plans have never been higher than Amazon's regular usage fees. We
   invite users who are unsure to check their billing statements
   carefully to verify this.

2) Hobby plan: reduced usage fees from Mar 21st (14 days)

   Due to a quirk in how Amazon's DevPay system works with S3-backed
   instances price reductions are not passed through to third party
   pricing automatically. An absolutely exhausting manual process is
   required to recalculate the pricing of every type of fee in every
   region - by hand. I just finished this brain destroying procedure a
   few minutes ago.

   Also, I wish that Amazon would allow reductions in pricing to go into
   effect immediately but the 14 day delay is not optional.

Liraz Siri
TurnKey Linux co-Founder

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Isn't this a 25% reduction in prices, as opposed to 33%


- small instance: $0.08/hour => $0.06/hour
- medium instance: $0.16/hour => $0.12/hour

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