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Thank you all for some AWESOME appliances!

I have download both the LAMP and JOOMLA iso's and created VMware VMs on my MacBook Pro. I then manually installed VMware tools, and all is great on VMware Fusion. However, once I move the VM to Vmware ESXi, all seems to work with the exception of the configuration console. When teh VM boots, it comes just straight to root@lamp:/#

typing confconsole does not bring up the console. And networking does not work. All of this is when the device is moved to ESXI. The VM works great while running under VMware fusion on my Mac. Other VMs (CentOS, and one other Ubuntu) funcion well on the ESXI server.

Any thoughts?



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What you are describing is caused by a bug in the confconsole which we have since fixed. The fix is included in the new versions (2009.02) we are releasing today. Please download a new version of the appliance, try again and tell us if it fixes your problem or not. Cheers!
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Hello Team, Thanks again for these appliances. They are simple, fast, and very clean. I've downloaded so many other LAMP and JOOMLA appliances that just feel so bloated. These are great. While I'm not a linux guru, I do know enough to navigate around, and I like the fact that you've created a simple stack, that still behaves like linux if I need to drop to a command prompt. You've corrected the issue, and both the LAMP and JOOMLA appliances function great under ESXi. Yay! MANY thanks, you've really got something here! Bryan
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I'm glad that the new releases solved your issues. Thanks for the great feedback and encouragement!

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