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Am I missing something about the Turnkey Hub pricing? I am interested in putting Turnkey's Wordpress on Amazon's cloud...just for "playing around".  The Hobby Pricing screenshot below indicates that the price will be reasonalble...Yes, I know it will not be $0/month.

The Server time screenshot is taken from: However, when I click the Enable Plan button on the first screenshot, I am taken to Amazon's webpage, sign in and then see the pricing page below. Note, the cheapest "box usage" is 0.69 per GB plus data transfer fees. So, the minimum monthly price would be $49.68 (0.69*24*30) amd that is without data transfer rates. $50 a month is not really a hobbyist's price. If I logon to my Amazon account directly, I can see a micro instance can be had for 0.02 per hour or even cheaper, 0.12 per hour if I prepay the $23 set up fee. Am I missing something? Why so pricey for the Turnkey Hub setup?

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As they require EBS backed volumes. It's something of a technical limitation... So under the Hobby plan Small is the smallest server you can have. If you are just 'playing around you could team it with TKLBAM and backup your data and turn it off when you aren't using it and relaunch it with your backed up data...

Also, another option is to do the free budget 14 day trial and refer some friends. If one of them signs up (AFAIK no purchase is required, just sign up to the Hub with a valid AWS account) then you can have free (excluding AWS charges) micro servers!

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Thanks, Jeremy

I went with spot prices. The day that I set up my server on EC2, the spot price was $0.004/hr. I also set the ceiling to $0.015/hr. I thus was able to set a limit as to how much I want to spend per hour. I can also monitor my usage via my AWS profile to see my month to date billing. So, it appears that this is the least expensive route to go while experimenting.


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I am struggling with the AWS wizard for hours trying to get Spot pricing for a Turnkey AMI. Only when I select an Amazon AMI I can get the Spot pricing. Does anybody know the reason for that, or how to resolve this?



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