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since a week I'm trying to solve the following problem:

When trying to copy folders containing many small files from Windows 7 machines to a Samba share the copying gets interupted, but can be continued after a few seconds by clicking "retry" on the Windows machine. The Samba log says "Too many open files, unable to open more!  smbd's max open files = 16384".

I've tried Ubuntu Server 12 and 13 before but couldn't solve the problem with those distros despite googleing and editing configuration-files like hell and now turned to TurnKey Linux File Server, because it's pre-configured for filesharing and I therefor thought that problem will not occur with TurnKey Linux.

Unfortunately it does.

I have an old Gentoo-System with an older Samba-version and that combination doesn't have the problem mentioned above.

Any ideas?

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I found the troublemaker: it's mhddfs, when I create another samba-share, which is not pointing to the mhddfs-mount, it works!


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