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I'm trying to change the hostname of a LAMP Turnkey instance and once it's rebooted, the hostname is '(none)' (and is detected by third-party clients as such).

Any clues why?

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Is there honestly no answer to this issue?

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But if you update /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts with the new name and then restart your networking (or just reboot).

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You can do it in Webmin by navigating to Network > Network Configuration > Hostname & DNS Client.

Incidentally, it does seem it's a bug in both Webmin and Debian/Linux - my chosen hostname had an underscore in it (illegal character) but the system (either Webmin or the actual kernal) doesn't *stop* you using it. It just fails to apply the hostname, setting it to (none).

Changed the _ to - (as per here) and it's all peachy.

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If so you'll also need to set it there. Or perhaps it's just been cached somewhere?

I have a DNS server running on my netwrok and just configured my desired hostname there and http(s) works as expected.

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