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Hi guys I was just wondering if there is an easy way to be able to tell what version my TKL appliances are?

This is not a huge big deal as I plan on updating all my appliances at some point (perhaps I may now wait until next release?). But it is handy to know so if I encounter a bug I can make a useful report or if I am giving someone else info I can let them know which version I am using (and perhaps assist them to tell us which version they have).

If there isn't perhaps this is something that you can look at including with the next release?

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Since the 2009.02 release we have included a version/appliance specific package called turnkey-appliance-version in all appliances, for example: turnkey-core-2009.10

One of the main reasons for including this package is for versioning as you described in your post. It also includes the raw appliance changelog installed at /usr/share/docs/turnkey-appliance-version/changelog.

Displaying the version can be done as follows:
# dpkg-query -W turnkey-*
Hope the above helps.
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You guys are way in front of me!

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