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Hi All!

Very lean and useful appliances - thanks for putting them together, they do save time and effort.

My main suggestion was to include OpenSSL and setting all the web stuff (certainly with the install) to allow/require use https esp for the logins and sensitive information being sent across the net.

I know such things are not hard to do later but it is better practice to encrypt it and it would encourage that practice by having it as a default. I think the slight increase in size would be a fair sacrifice.

Great beginnings, I hope the process can continue. I will check out any appliances I can on our servers, mainly under VBox.



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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. We have already added SSL support to the upcoming batch of new releases, along with many other new features and improvements. We should start uploading the new releases any day now, as soon as we work out a solution to the final blocking bug.


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Hi, Just downloading some with the SSL on and will comment in Support as I find them. Many thanks. Kevin

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