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Downloaded, and installed it on my ESXI 5.1 server, but the 'Basic Page' AND advnaced page'won't appear. Other pages not a problem.

Browser (Eplorer  10 & Firefox 22.0) tells me:

"This page can't be displayed"


File downloaded


edit: weird thing is that 'advance' appears with a login screen suddenly and i am able to login. For the Basic first have to accept the not vallig certificate, but then the page doesn't appear (not even a change to login).

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Perhaps try a different one to see what happens. I don't have direct experience with the Torrentserver appliance but I have found that Chrome can sometimes be a bit flakey with self-signed certs (Firefox seems much more reliable in that regard...)

[update] Oops, sorry I probably should have read your post properly... Looks like you have tried with both IE and Ff...! In that case, sorry but I have nothing... If I get time sometime soon I'll have a quick look to see if I can reproduce your issue.

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Wel ty, meanwhile tried Opera, same problem.

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