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I'm having a problem reconfiguring mysql (or phpmyadmin) to work with a drupal site. It had been a while since I logged into phpmyadmin, and I forgot the password, so I set a new login and password for mysql through the command line (/etc/mysql). Now, for some reason when I go to open the site I get this error: The mysqli error was: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES).

There are many threads in other forums about how to fix this in different config files, but I've had no luck adjusting the login info in settings.php, or other various config files. I think part of the problem is I'm not quite sure how drupal is linked to mysql in the turnkey image.

The site was working fine before I changed the mysql login info.

Could someone give me a breakdown on how the turnkey drupal image is setup, and the locations of all the different settings that need to match? Or, is there one place that I can reset the login info so they all match up? Alternatively, how could I simply reset all of the login information for the entire image back to default without losing my drupal settings and database?

I've spent some time exploring the file manager, trying different suggestions, but can't seem to find a fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Allow me to rephrase:

What areas of the turnkey drupal installation are affected by changing the password for the "mysql" database? 

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Apparently there is a settings.php in /usr/share/drupal6/sites/default. This is where the erroneous login information was entered. I had been trying to work with the settings.php located in /etc/drupal/6/sites/default to no avail.

Just thought I'd update on the issue, in case any other newbies have a similar problem!



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