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Hi There,

I know Joomla inside/out and have hundreds of Joomla sites all with a shared hosting provider.

I wanted to experiment with setting up some Joomla sites using Amazon AWS and came across a 1 click install using Turnkey.

I have installed and have a basic version of Joomla 2.5, but now need help in the server side of thing, which I have limited knowledge.


Is there any simple/easy users guide or documentation from a Joomla/Turnkey/AWS point of view.


Initial things I'm interested in are:

Can more than one Joomla site work from a Turnkey EC2 instance

How do I connect to PHPmyAdmin? Doesn't seem to be set up in RDS

How Do I Connect to FTP or SFTP

I created Joomla sites on a local mamp server, then back them up and move to my hosting environment (using Akeeba). How is this done using Turnkey/AWS

Is there some sort of host/cPanel type interface?


Sorry for the many questions, but would really like to explore and experiment with using this and get away from shared hosting environment for my bigger sites.


Thanks in advance,


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Firstly I'd just like to say i know ver ylittle about Joomla. I have had a bit of a play with it, but personally am more of a Drupal man. So Joomla specific stuff I can't really help with (many of your Joomla specific questions could probably be answered elsewhere as TKL Joomla is basically an upstream install of Joomla on top of TKL LAMP).

But as for TKL I can help there a bit! :)

phpMyAdmin should be available via https://<fqdn-orip-address>:12322 (eg

You can connect to SFTP using the root account (ie username root) and the password you set up for root. SFTP is port 22 by default.

I would assume that you could do this the same way, although possibly a better way would be to have a local dev VM and then use TKLBAM to migrate your sites to a new server on AWS.

It's a fair bit more in depth than cPanel (or similar) but TKL has a Web Admin UI called Webmin. It is available via https://<fqdn-orip-address>:12321 (eg

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Thats the info I was after. 

I know Joomla very well, but messing around with the server side of things is all new to me, but am wanting to learn more.

If I have a Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress site set up and i just want a new additional mysql DB, can this be done via the webmin?

I have a couple of sites that use 2 Databases


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But I know others have. I personally prefer phpMyAdmin for working with MySQL DBs.

If you mean that your locally running apps will use a DB each, then no worries (again I'd use either phpMyAdmin or commandline - but that's just my preference). If you mean use the one MySQL instance with one of the sites being remote, then you will need to use Webmin (or commandline or a local text editor along with an SFTP client) to configure MySQL to listen on a remote port. By default all TKL appliances that include MySQL (with the exception of the standalone MySQL appliance) have MySQL bound to localhost and not accessable remotely.

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Thanks I'll have a play around with webmin as I need 1 instance of mySQL open to a couple of remote IP's

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ISO and most VMs you set it at first boot. OVZ, OpenStack and other container type VMs you need to manually run 'turnkey-init' and AWS you set it in the Hub UI prior to first boot. Running 'turnkey-init' may allow you to reset it regardless of what platform you are on, but I haven't tested in AWS. Also there is a chance it may corrupt your existing data.

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You will need to customise it to host multiple sites. AFAIK it is doable, but I wouldn't know where to start. I would suggest that you hit google and have a bit of a read...

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