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I have a TKL fileserver with a Guest SAMBA share for file exchange between windows clients in our room.

By default AjaXplorer asks for a login.

I want to disable this behavior to login as guest automatically. Then, push login button only when I desire to see private shares.

I tried to disable login behavior via Ajaxplorer webconfig. Ajaxplorer says it it is "guest", but looses ability to browse guest SAMBA share at all, until logged manually with "Guest" account.

I tried to follow manuals, but the configuration is completely different to that I found in Google. There's no main config file for example.

SAMBA is configured with:
guest account = user
map to guest = bad user

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I suggest that you check with the Ajaxplorer community. I imagine that they have a forum or mailing list and hopefully somewhere there that is more of an expert with their software can help you out. I don't know but i imagine that it's possible...

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