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I've been building appliances for sometime with a customised tklpatch system. With the release of TKLDev I thought I would migrate some of these appliances and release them to the public.

I've forked the TKLDev appliance to add virtualbox support. When I build a new appliance I like to test it in virtualbox to make sure all works as expected. You can now do all of this from the TKLDev appliance.

Build your project as normal to produce your iso image and then deploy a temp virtualbox virtual machine by running "testvm /path/to/isofile" i.e "testvm build/product.iso".

This will launch a virtualmachine and you can connect to it using RDP (port 3389). You can then fully test your new appliance.

Github Project:


I have a few other scripts and tools that I use for automating, building and releasing images - they will be added to this appliance in the coming week as I migrate my build process to this new platform.

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I have a script that I use after building a VM that copies the resulting iso to a share where I can launch VMware Player against, but your solution is even better.


I'll give it a whirl when I get a chance!

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Only one thing to note (and probably wont effect 90%+ of users), i run my tkldev appliance on esxi. If you do similar, you need to make sure you have nested virtualisation support - otherwise you may have issues when you start virtualbox.

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