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I am used to directly put in sleep mode my host computer. After I while (day?) if I turn on again the computer (resume from sleep and VM already running), I will not be able to login using the same root password.

Only recover by reboot linux in recovery mode.

I found also that date of the system is not correct.

Any suggestion to deal with that? (and keep be able to put in sleep?)

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I suggest that you programaticly shutdown the server on sleep. If you are using VirtualBox on Linux then that should be pretty easy, just add the VirtualBox commandline to shutdown the VM when your computer goes into the sleep state.

If you are using some other OS then I'm not sure (although I would think that something similar would be possible).

As for the date, that won't be an issue if you restart the server when you bring the computer out of sleep (it should update on boot).

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