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Hi Guys


Extreme novice here.

We have  Turnkey Wordpress 12.1 running as a Hyper-V guest .  It has a 20 Gig VHD and 2GB RAM.   The wordpress website has been running fine for a month or so.  Recently (without any changes to the website) the site locks up after a couple of days....It has now done it three times. 


When the site has locked up we are unable to login into the webmin or the webshell.

When we connect to the console of the Hyper-v server and then connect to the guest  we see the  advanced view of the "Turnky Linux Configuration Console"  (that we can normally change the ip address or shutdown the appliance) but  interface is not responsive.


The only way to get things running again is to restart the appliance (hard  reset) not the host, just the guest.  All other servers running on the host are working without fault.


Is it possible that an automatic update has been installed at some stage,  are there logs anywhere that I can look at to assist with diagnostics.  Basically where do I begin to solve the problem?

As a work around I could schedule a reset of the guest (from the host) every couple of days or even (if it is possible ) schedule a  restart from within the appliance (cron job????)  ......Any ideas.



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Have a look in /var/log and see what's in there...

It is highly likely that security updates have auto installed, but I would imagine that it would be unlikely that one of them would cause this (but who knows?). IIRC there should be an apt log which should show all updates installed.

And yes you could schedule auto restarts from cron.

I have no experience with Hyper-V but my first guess would be ethernet drivers for whatever virtual hardware Hyper-V presents. If possible change the virtual NIC (with the machine stopped) and then start it and see what happens.

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Thanks Jeremy

I dont think is a networking issue as the console of the Turnkey appliance hangs as well.  We are using the legacy HYPER-V network adapters etc.

Some more info.


When we installed Turnkey Wordpress I was sure we used version 12.0.  When I check the version now it shows (turnkey-wordpress-12.1-squeeze-amd64

Also the following info is provided when logging onto the webshell

System load: 0.03 Memory usage: 38%
Processes: 91 Swap usage: 0%
Usage of /: 40.1% of 17.76GB IP address for eth0: 
Dont know if that helps.

When the server was installed a couple of months ago we also installed "Curl"  (apt-get install curl libcurl3 php5-curl) just incase this helps.....

Forgive me for asking such basic questions but if the user interface on the turnkey server is not responding is that a Linux issue of an apache issue????



If its a Linux issue then I guess its back to the logs....

There are a few logs in /var/log.    Is there any particular log that would show when the updates were applied or what was happening prior to hanging?


If we cant solve things then we have the following options:


1.  Get Hyper-V manager to restart the Turnkey virtual machine each day at 4am....This the equiv of a hard reset.  Will it corrupt anything?

2. Schedule a reboot the server using a cron job.  Will this shutdown apache gracefully  is there a chance we could corrupt things or is it the same as restarting from the turnkey console.

3. Stop automatic updates  probably dangerous.


Some will say that we should not need to reset regularilty and its better to solve the underlying issues.  Because its sooo intermittant  this is difficult. 


Look forward to your comments.

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