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I've noticed that the TKLBAM to amazon grows by about 10M a day when there is no activity.  

The trend I'm seeing is that the full backups scheduled once every two weeks grow by 140Mbytes for the Redmine appliance despite there being no new activity on either the ticket/issue front or pushes to the repos hosted by the appliance.  Over the course of months, this has added about 1 Gig of data that is being backed up.

On a whim, I did a restore to a new instance and set up a backup.  The backup on the new instance is just over 1 Gig smaller than the original, and cursory testing of the restores shows the test instance and the original instance to be the same.

Is this an error/feature that I don't understand?

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But one thing that may be a factor is etckeeper. etckeeper is installed in all TKL appliances by default uses git to version all the config files in /etc and over time that can certainly grow quite large over time.

I haven't used the Redmine appliance so I can't really tell you anything specific about that. If you are particularly interested you could probably dig around and work out where all the space is being used but unfortunately I don't have time to ponder exactly how you would go about that... ncdu (requires installation) is a handy command for drilling down into the filesystem to see where all your space is being taken up. If you combined that with the TKLBAM logs (to help you where to start looking) you might be able to find out what is going on...

It is possible that it is a bug in the profile and that some cached files somewhere are being backed up that probably don't need to be... Once you can work out where the space is being taken up you can decide whether it's worth it or not and if need be set an exclusion in TKLBAM.

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