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Hi there,

Am trying to setup magento on our store, but am having problems performing the first login.

Our keypairs authenticate correctly but we can't seem to get past the password stage. 

I understand that the initial root password is found in system log (currently an 8 digit password), however, it keeps returning with a permission denied.  

Is there anyway to disable this issue? I've tried launching 3 separate instances and each time the root password found in the system log fails to correctly authenticate with first time login. 



BrewLabs Aus 

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I just tested a turnkey-magento-13.0-wheezy-amd64 deployment via the TurnKey Hub and was able to login with the root password.

What version are you using? What architecture? Which region? EBS or S3 backed? Did you deploy via the Hub?

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The Hub makes it easy... You can either preset your root password and/or configure key pairs prior to launch. You can also set up your Magento Admin login password (and IIRC your Magento Admin email too!)

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