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Hi !

I moved a backup of the appliance after a installtion from scratch of my laptop.

(to many trojan horses from my holiday in Spain :)

I installed a new VMWare player and the turnkey appliance doesn't start anymore.

GRUB stops with ERROR 2

I spend 3 weeks setting up a new website with this appliance - so I appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance !



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From my googling it looks like GRUB error 2 is "Selected disk doesn't exist: This error is returned if the device, part of a device or full filename refers to a disk or BIOS device that is not present or not recognized by the BIOS in the system."

Most of the stuff I've read online suggests issues with large volumes and BIOS issues which I guess is probably not related. I would suspect there is something missing or corrupted from your backup or perhaps if you used a new version of VMware they have changed something (although this seems unlikely).

Do you have the original VMware install available? If so try exporting it again. I'm guessing you've tried importing it a number of times already, have you tried creating a new machine using your backed up VM image?

There are some fixes (such as this one) that suggest using a Live CD to reinstall GRUB. Thats probably worth a try. You may be able to use the TKL iso but I'm not sure.

Also if its not the same version of VMware, it may be worth downloading the exact same version, just in case its something to do with a different version of the program?

FYI the complete GRUB manual is available here.

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