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Has anyone gotten TKL working on LXC?

I have created a new folder called lxc and have

lxc/config  -- config file with network settings
lxc/fstab   -- mount points
lxc/rootfs  -- a subdir where I extracted debian-7-turnkey-etherpad_13.0-1_amd64.tar.gz

It runs, but never gets to a shell prompt. With a web browser I get

Please initialize this system...

Welcome to TurnKey! You need to initialize this system first before you can use it. To do that you'll need to log into the root account. The turnkey-init initialization program will start automatically:


What do I need to modify in the OpenVZ setup to get TKL 13 working with LXC ???

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And until Debian supports it properly (safely and securely) I don't see it becoming a standard TKL build type. AFAIK there has been a lot of work done on it in Ubuntu and I think that with Ubuntu hosts and guests it is consider production ready (or at least close...).

Unfortunately these tweaks/mods/bugfixes/etc haven't (yet?) made it back upstream to Debian (which TKL is based on). So be aware that AFAIK currently under Debian it is insecure in as much as LXC guests (with root access to the guest) can gain root access to the host (although perhaps with an Ubuntu host that is not the case...?).

All that aside, I know that there is at least one TKL user who has (successfully IIRC) used TKL OVZ templates as a base to running TKL LXC guests. IIRC his name is Hans... but don't quote me on it... Other have also worked on this in the past but I'm not sure whether some of the older conversations are still relevant. I suggest you search the site (you can use the search box top right, but here's a link for your convienience).

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