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I'm building an appliance based on TKL. We want to automate the ISO installer that results from a tkldev build (already have this working). Is there a way to preseed the answers to the questions when the ISO is run? As part of this automation, we would also like the installer to SHUT DOWN at the end of installation instead of reboot as well (good way to know installation is finished).

The reason I ask is we want to be able to automate installation of this ISO on a VMWare server so we can automate creation of an OVA file from it (our intended platform). If ISO installation can be automated (use LVM, 100% available disk space, install grub, etc.) with a shutdown at the end, it is very easy for us to automate the rest of necessary steps in VMWare.



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Sorry to bump this.

Anything from TKL developers?

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