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Hi Guys,

I'm having the issue in the Ireland Avaliability zone where appliances get stuck on the Installing Security Updates...

Core and LAMP worked fine for me but the wordpress applicances ive tried are all getting stuck.

Ive tried 64 and 32 bit many times and am completely unable to get this working.

This is Micro testing instances.

The console output of the machine would indicate all is well, I see all the services are started and ssh, MySQL, Apache, Webmin etc are all running but I am unable to ping the appliance or access any services on IP or dynamic hostname.

I cant follow the suggested fix as I am unable to reach the box from the internet to login and apply.

Any help much appreciated.



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Also on a side note im unable to assign Elastic IP addresses from within the hub, it errors stating something to do with the appliance being part of a vpc.

I can assign form the EC2 console direct and the change is reflected in the hub.



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