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Try to delete a file in canvas lms using the Files menu on left. Doesn't work. Anyone know of a fix? 





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But I also don't use it, so it's probably no great surprise! :)

Out of interest can you explain to me how I might be able to (quickly and simply) reproduce this issue and I'll see if I can. And if i can reproduce it I'll lodge an issue (bug) - or feel free to do that yourself...

(assuming that I can reproduce it) I can also look to see if there is a quick workaround and we can fix it in TKL (at least for the next release...)

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they way you can reproduce it .

Create a course. then on left you will see files menu. drag and drop a file to a folder, then try to delete it.

You can create folders and files but cannot delete.

I know its a permission problem, i chmod the whole canvas directory to 777 and that fixed it. But it would be really nice to know how to fix it with the correct permissions.

thanks for looking at it!



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That would be like this:

chmod -R www-data:www-data /var/www/canvas/tmp

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