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Hey Guys,

I need to move my live server from a TK EC2 instance to a local live VirtualBox setup.  I don't really want to do this, but Internet connection issues and file sizes make it nesseacry.  I am working on an Interactive gallery project, so all machines will be local.

Does anyone know how I can migrate my EC2 TK server to local?  Need to do it quick cos we are supposed to open on Wednesday at Laguna Beach, CA.

I'm an Englishman abroad and only have 2 weeks to sort this.  Any helpers get a beer if they are in the area :-)


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You should be able to use TKLBAM to migrate the VM.

First, configure TKLBAM on your EC2 instance and back it up.

Then deploy a new TKL vm within VirtualBox and restore it from the backup you had just created.

Don;t forget to clean up the EC2 instance and backups after the new machine is working correctly.


Take a look at the example use case for tKLBAM at

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