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Probably  a unbelievable newbie question but I am not able to figure it out with the help of documentation, forum, or wiki. (Be gentle guys it is my first own Linux server experience.)
I installed Joomla with APT via the web management interface (Webmin). According to the information on screen it was successful. It is unclear how to proceed. Joomla is not appearing in the menu’s of the webmin. Where can I find “Joomla”? Which URL do I have to use for the admin pages and the website itself.
Please help!


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Normally, you can see Joomla by visiting http://YourServerIP or http://YourServerIP/path

The Joomla admin console is usually  http://YourServerIP/administrator or http://YourServerIP/path/administrator

I have not installed joomla using Webmin or apt so I dont know where it installed on your system and/or if Apache is configured to serve the directory containing it.

Can you search the filesystem for a directory called joomla or administrator to see if that is fruitful?

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Hi Neil,

Thank you for your answer.

My server at only displays the Turnkey LAMP control panel with Web shell, Webmin and PhPMyAdmin on it., has the http 404 error "Cannot find "the webpage .

I used the File Manager in the Webmin menu to browse the server. I found the following things:

/etc/apache2/conf.d a Joomla15 file from only 15B.

/etc/apache2/sites-available I can only see default ans phpmyadmin and /
etc/apache2/sites-enabled 000-default and myphpadmin

/etc/joomla15/apache.conf with the following content:

Alias /joomla15 /usr/share/joomla15

<Directory /usr/share/joomla15/>
        Options +FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride All
        order allow,deny
        allow from all

I think I found the installtion of Joomla at /usr/share/joomla15

Normaly I would expect that Joomla should appear in the Webmin menu in the Servers list. You mentioned the following:   "if Apache is configured to serve the directory containing it." What do I have to do for that?

Hope that you now have the information you need to help me.



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Why not use the Joomla appliance?
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You are right that would be solving this problem but I will have the same with an other application. I want to have one server with Gallery, File Server and Joomla.

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But FYI I would've probably attacked this a different way.

I'd be inclined to install a Virtualisation platform such as Proxmox or VMware ESXi etc and then installed the various TKL appliances on top of it so you have a mini server farm all on one PC.

This approach does have some redundancy but is much much more scalable, flexible and 'future-proof'. It also allows for easy backups, easy updates/upgrades, allows for more extensive testing of new and/or alternative platforms. Best of all I think is that as long as your base system remains stable you can play around with the VMs as much as you like and if you wreck it, no big deal, just load up a new VM.

If this even remotely interests you then have a look at my dream for TKL Metacore (ie a TKL Virtualisation Platform appliance) there is also some discussion of it in this thread too.

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Great it is working!

Thanks Neil

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I am glad you got it working.  Have fun!

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