I'm having a bit of a problem with my LAMP setup.  18 months ago i installed VMWare virtual machine on my windows PC, I then installed the turn key LAMP image.

This allowed me to practice PHP, MY SQL, etc.. in a safe environment.

I've not used the system for several months but now i have a problem.

I used to access the PHPMyadmin screen with   This is now no longer working and my web browser tell me "cannot display the webpage".

I can log in to the linux ok though and all my files seem to be there.

Also i can not access my localhost site with which i could also do before.  I get the same web message.

Any ideas greatfully received as to what might of happened and what i could try to fix it.




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In essence there a few different ways that you could have configured it.

Firstly on the TKL end you can have a static or dynamic IP (default is dynamic). As a general rule if you set a static IP then it should not change. If you set a dynamic one then everytime your machine reboots it will dynamically get assigned an IP by your DHCP server (usually your router in a typical domestic/SOHO type setup).

Secondly there are a few different ways to configure the networking in VMware. In essence these can be broken down into 'bridged', 'host only' or 'NAT' (they may have slightly different names in VMware but they should essentially be the same - read more about it all here). So If you use 'bridged' (personally what I tend to use when I use VMs) then the above (i.e. static/dynamic) applies and you can find the IP with TKL confconsole. If you are using 'host only' (this bit is possibly a bit flakey because it's been a LONG time since I used 'host only' in VMware) then IIRC the IP that TKL displays is not the IP you use to connect with your machine, instead you use the IP of the virtual ethernet adapter in your host system (if it's Windows then use ipconfig to find out what that is). And if you use NAT then again, the TKL IP is not the one to use, IIRC you use the host IP (or Obviously NAT needs to be configured to forward the relevant ports...

So bottom line is that it's really hard to have a clue about what your issue maybe, other than a pure guess...

And so my wild guess is that when you were using your VM it was on 'bridged' (and thus it get's it's own IP) but was left dynamic. So whilst you were using it (and it wasn't rebooted) the IP worked fine. But after a bit of a break and being shut off, it has got a different IP from your DHCP server (probably your router...).

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