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I am using the Turnkey LAMP ISO on an ESXi hypervisor.

I have Joomla 3.2 installed.

The first permissions issue i see is the inability to delete the Installation folder.

The next one will be the inability to create directories.. for instance /cache/widget

I can create the folder myself via FTP client, or Webmin.



  • I had tried chmod all directories and files to 777 (BAD idea) but this still did not resolve issues.
  • Doing some reading, it looks like the Apache webserver does not own the joomla install..


Does anybody have a link to how to resolve this?  everything i have tried so far does not work

Im sure its a simple fix..

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This sounds like the same issue we are having.  Installing Joomla or another script into the LAMP appliance as root will work, but you end up with all kinds of weird permissions problems when runniong the script.   In Cpanel this is easy to deal with.


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I suggest that you change ownership of the doc root folder.

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

Best practice dictates that ideally the web server user (www-data) should only own the folders that it needs to write to. However in general practice, I don't think that it's probably a huge big deal to grant it ownership of the whole folder... My 2c anyway...

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