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I am a new user to the open source and virtualization world of turnkey with limited coding experience. I am playing around with Vtiger and Sugar CRM system to develop them for my small business. It’s a B2B and B2C flow but heavily on B2C where I am required with dealing with new leads and converting them into opportunities.

I started with Vtiger CRM trying to edit the workflow for such a business process and got confused by the whole terminology due to limited tutorial material on the internet. If there is other material that I haven’t come across or tutorial video’s that explain workflow in-depth I would highly appreciate the help. Customization of fields was not an issue, but to create a workflow that processes steps and assigns leads to individuals is the difficult task.

Having more success with tutorial material on Sugar CRM I noticed that the workflow management tool was not developed into the system. Is there another way to create a workflow without this tool implemented or I have to implement a code to run as workflow tool?

Thank you for your time

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I would recomend Importing your Contacts and Organizations and also start working with the Leads and Campaigns.  You can have specific Contacts, Organizations and Leads in different campaigns and for me it has been my best touchstone so far.

Other workflow issues (like moving them up the Pyramid) you will need to research some more.  I have not gotten my arms around that approach yet.  It is pretty easy to add "to dos" and related notes though that would indicate such a project.

I don't know about Sugar.

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Thank you for response. I manged to get it working by looking at it from a different point of few. I did the research and manged understand the work flow method and resolutions.

Now I'm stuck on tryin to install extensions on the Vtiger. I'm mainly interested in vgcal. It seems to be a nice application to intergrate it in, to allow me mobile access to my Vtiger calander.

Thank You  

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But you could always download the ISO or VMimage (from here) and give it a test drive and see how it works for you...

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