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Hi there,

I'm new to turnkey and to Moodle so I have rather jumped in at the deepend. I have downloaded and installed the moodle appliance on virtualbox. I can log into the webmin page. Then I'm stuck. I can't seem to find any reference within webmin to moodle itself? I have searched turnkey help and google but I can't find a guide that takes you past getting the appliance running, nothing in terms of what to do or where to go in order to administer moodle.

I assume the webmin page is for the overall admin of whatever you have running inside the LAMP environment, not only Moodle as in my case? Is there another step to install / initiate Moodle itself?


Any help for this nooby would be gratefully received :/ (however sarcastic references to simply 'searching' aren't useful, helpful or constructive. I have honestly already spent over an hour searching and reading, searching and reading and so on so I'm not just being lazy).

Many thanks in advance.


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I.e. via standard HTTP or HTTPS - something like http:/// or http:/// simply dropping the reference to port 12321 off the end of the url should do the trick... Webmin is a Web Admin UI for the server as a whole. As you note it does not provide Admin features for Moodle.

The only configuration that should be required is to complete the 'firstboot' scripts (which in the case of many builds runs on first boot after install or in the case of headless builds on first login at the terminal). Regardless, the Moodle software should still be available even if you haven't completed the firstboot scripts - you just won't be able to login...

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Hi Jeremy, Thanks for response. I've realised I've installed a turnkey only ovf appliance. I'm going to try and find a 32bit version of moodle turnkey to download and try again. Thanks again Darryl
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Have a look at the TKL SourceForge files page. Select your preferred format then find the 'i386' Moodle image (i386 = 32 bit; amd64 = 64 bit).

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