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I see that TKL core and TKL Joomla are at v13, but when I search the AWS marketplace for "Joomla", I see only v12.1 based AMIs and they don't support most of the newer instance sizes.  I want to launch a TKL Joomla v13 on m3.large.  Am I looking in the wrong place for the TLK AWS AMIs?

Thanks for your help.

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Liraz has recently been in touch with Amazon regarding how long it is taking for the v13 images to appear in the AWS Marketplace (been ~4mths now since v13 was released). AWS have apologised for the delay and are apparently working to get the v13 images available there. Unfortunately I can't say how long that will be...

So bottom line is we are waiting on Amazon...

That means that at this stage the TurnKey Hub is the only way to launch v13 appliances on AWS.

Unfortunately though the m3.large size appliance is not available there (yet) either. Adding the newer size appliances has been on Alon's todo list for some time, but following a prompt earlier in the week it has been moved up the list and so hopefully we will see the new size appliances available via the Hub (and for the v13 AMIs once Amazon gets them on the Marketplace).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that's all I've got... :(

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Thanks Jeremy as always for your great replies.  It must be frustrating to wait 4 months - you have a great product.  Since my need is not immediate, I'll check back with the AWS Marketplace to see when the v13 Joomla is available.

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If I haven't heard anything from AWS by middle of next week I will chase them up again... Although I have no idea at all about what sort of timeframe to expect. FWIW the Joomla 2.5 appliance should be one of the first to be updated.

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