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SALAM - Simple Agent-Less Availability Monitor

This is my personal project I started a few months ago which is a simple easy to use alternative to Nagios.

Go here for more information:


Go here to download the ISO and Release Notes(based on Turnkey Linux LAMP 2009.10):



If you would rather apply the patch yourself, the TKLPatch is attached below for use on TKL LAMP 2009.10, before applying the patch you must STOP the MySQL Server(if it is currently running): "/etc/init.d/mysql stop"

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Sorry for the late response. We're in the middle of a development cycle and that's been keeping us insanely busy.

I setup the Nagios configuration we use internally to monitor our infrastructure and I'm impressed by what SALAM does even at version 0.1. This is very impressive work! I had to cobble together nagios with nagios-pnp and SALAM looks far superior to that. Wow.

This will make an excellent addition to the next release batch for the appliance library. Thank you so much for using TurnKey to make the appliance for SALAM. It's an honor.

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I have created a new section in the development wiki for TKLPatches, and have added this patch to the list. Feel free to update the patch page as you see fit.
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Updated the first post with the latest SALAM tklpatch, also sourceforge has the latest iso.

Major changes are the addition of native WMI checks for windows machines, you can now check the status of specific services on windows machines, along with available memory and hard disk space.

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