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I am using Turnkey LAMP, 2009.10.

Why does the "PHP Configuration" module for Webmin show up in the "un-used modules" menu?  The server has PHP installed.

How can I move it to another menu?

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Usually, that is because you have not used the module or there is something you have to configure on it.

I loaded a LAMP appliance, upgraded Webmin to their latest version and saw the PHP Configuration in the unused modules section.  I could not figure out how to move it from there either.

I think you need to ask this on a Webmin user forum.  If you get an answer, please post it here.

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I dont use the php config, I use the cmd line. But it is wierd that it isnt under appache as the older version. I am going to assume that it is just put in the wronmg place. Cause my web pages are working and if there was no php config, they wouldnt work.

Nigel Pull's picture's not really a big deal.  The other day I needed to raise the allowable upload size in wordpress and went looking for the php module.  You can use the module, its just not where I think it should be.  I will find a solution and post it. 

I am still learning Linux command line so I use Webmin for some stuff, but I ended up manually making the changes to the php.ini!

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Thanks for the link to the bug report.

The report says the bug has been fixed and will be released with the next version of Webmin. Nice!

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