I have a LAPP virtual appliance in service for last 2 years, with no previous issues.

I was performing an update (due to the recent SSL security warnings) and after the apt-get update, then a system reboot - I am getting hosed with:

Turnkey Linux - First boot configuration (WTF??!!)

Is there a way to bypass this so I don't tank my existing server? I have valuable data there (yes, yes, I know I should have current backup, but I have never had a basic update kill me before)

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks


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So doing apt-get update won't actually replace any packages. Also FWIW TKL auto installs security updates (silently at least once every 24 hrs). Finally even if you do manually update a package or 2 it is extremely rare that you would need to reboot to finalise updating packages (with the exception of the kernel).

All that aside, if you can get into the filesystem then you can ensure that the RUN_FIRSTBOOT flag is set to false in /etc/default/inithooks

Beyond that I'd be double checking your filesystem for corruption as I see no legitimate way that the flag could reset itself. AFAIK there is no way that simply running apt-get update and rebooting could reset that flag without some other very serious underlaying issue causing it...

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So I imagine that's why it updated OpenSSL (i.e. your system updated it again). Also the auto updates only installs from the security repo so doing an 'apt-get upgrade' will still possibly install new packages... Also FYI you can read about auto security updates here.

Also a little tip with fsck. If you are using LVM (as is default) then you'll need to check the logical volume. This post might give you some guidance on doing that (although if your system is booting ok you probably won't need the first bit...)

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