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Im lost in Wordpress administration and have been for some time. Turnkey worpress appliance is my savior altough I fast run in to trouble. The appliance have the default Wordpress site will all plugins, auto upgrade etc etc. I would like to clone that site in order to run a new wordpress site for another vhost. Is it possible to do this in a easy operation thru webmin or do I need to go in to the scary black command window and do scripting to resolve this?

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Do you want to migrate a site you've developed (ie the content) to the cloud? Or have you set up a custom Wordpress install based on TKL Wordpress (with custom config/plugins/etc) and want to clone that (blank ready for new content)?

Regardless, I doubt very much that you'll be able to do it through Webmin. If you are wanting to migrate data then there are a number of options, have a look here. I haven't used any of them (I don't use Wordpress) but I'm happy to help out if you need further help.

I know the CLI (Command Line Interface) can seem daunting at first but I encourage you to persevere! It can be handy and very powerful! OTOH these days with extensive interfaces like Webmin its pretty easy to not bother with it.

Its funny though, as a relative Linux noob myself, I actually sometimes find that a quality online tutorial/walkthrough of achieving a specific end manually (that uses CLI) can be less confusing than trying to work out Webmin myself just by looking through it!

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