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I need to add FREETDS support to my server BUT I cannot run the FTP command to download files etc

I'm pretty new at this Linux malarkey so if I'm being an idiot let me know!


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There is a desktop orientated setup/install doc here which is not ideal (because its for desktop not server/CLI) but it will possibly do. I have not tested this so not sure if it works.

At your aplliance's command line type the following commands

apt-get update

apt-get install iodbc libiodbc2 libct3 tdsodbc unixodbc

that should install everything you need. Rather than using gedit, you will have to use a CLI text editor such as nano, eg

nano .iodbc.ini

Otherwise at a glance it looks like it should work ok with TKL/Ubuntu Server...I think :)

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