First off, I have been using TKL for years on many servers. It says a lot that I have been able to find all my support from just the forums and documentation until now. Well done guys, and congrats Jeremy :).

Kind of a higher level question, I am trying to figure out which TKL app to start with. Here is what I am trying to solve: I work at an engineering firm. We create code for certain customers and we have a need to deliver it to them online with encryption. The main issue is that some of these clients also modify/push/pull code in a collaboration with us, and we need to allow such. The customers should be able to pick the flavor of version control they want (git, SVN, Mercurial, etc.). Either way it needs to look and feel professional. I am leaning towards "Revision Control" as we do not need all the calendaring and "project" components. If so, does it allow for client collaboration out-of-the-box and behind a password wall?

Please let me know what app you would recommend. I may also need an SSL cert down the road for it.

Side question, Ubuntu 14 just came out. Does TKL follow the standard Ubuntu depoloyment structure for major releases?

I appreciate it!


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TBH I don't know a lot about either...

The Revision Control appliance is pretty bare bones solution. It has a nice web front end for each revision control repos and all the TKL bits you'd expect; but otherwise its a bare bones Debian server with git, bzr, hg and svn installed...

I'd expect all could be configured for authentication and TBH I'm not sure of the defaults... The web UIs could probably be authenticated with Apache.

Redmine is a lot more than that. Although you may not want the calendering, perhaps the wiki and issues could be useful? I don't know anything about configuring the repos on that... I would expect that authentication for the front end would be built in.

But if you want to keep customers completely separate (and still use the web frontend) then I would imagine that Redmine would be the easiest to configure, although I've never tried...

TurnKey is Debian based as of v12.0. Currently we are on v13.0. There will be a maintenance release (v13.1) at some point this year (hopefully sooner-rather than later).

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