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Hi Support,

I'm having issues on restore a full backup, I have successfully completed using webshell --database. Appliance version 11.2. This to create a testbed to a live version already in place.

Every time I use --skip-files --skip-packages I get the following error? I have increased max allowed limit?

Anything else I could try? would appreciate any advise?

Many Thanks,

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I'm not sure, but I recall there was a user some time ago who had a similar issue. It turned out that it was a bug in MySQL. I don't recall what the workaround was sorry...

I don't think the version of TKLBAM in v11.x supported doing a raw download (i.e. just download the files and not actually restore them...). The current version (v1.4) does and should install from source ok on 11.2 (but I'm not 100% sure...). If you do that then you should be able to split up the MySQL DB dump so you don't run out of memory while applying it.

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