hi everyone i am hoping for a bit of direction here, i've tried everything i can find that even closely relates to this.

i have a samba server that has shares that can be accessed from windows by simply typing \\ in windows file explorer, its name has just been changed to fileserver1 and is in dns as fileserver1. it is also in the dns as fserver1. before the name change everything was fine.

the shares can be accessed from windows by typing \\fserver1 in windows file explorer, but since the name change when the new name is used, \\fileserver1 in windows file explorer, I am denied access with a popup:

"\\fileserver1 is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. the account is not authorized to login to this station"

I can get access if I use \\fileserver1 from a windows local login that is not a company.com domain login.

meaning this only happens from company.com domain logins. And, I can tell it is getting to the right IP address since netstat shows the correct IP address for fileserver1 when the error message is displayed.


here is my smb.conf, I know very insecure right now.

        hosts allow = ALL
        workgroup = company.com
        interfaces = lo bond1
        security = share
        guest account = root
        guest ok = yes

        comment = share mirrored

        path = /share/fileserver1
        writeable = yes
        browseable = yes
        read only = no





oh, and this is version 3.0.25b and unfortunately I can't upgrade right now.

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So this is a TKL Fileserver appliance? TBH I'm not sure how useful I will be. I do not have much experience with Samba (my network is Linux only and I use SSHFS for mounting network shares).

Assuming that nothing else has changed by my understanding the original config should continue to just work. The name change should be more-or-less irrelevant.

I wonder if it is a Windows caching error. I have heard that when you are connected to a fileshare (regardless of Windows or Samba) and you try to connect to the same server via another name that it will cause issues. But TBH I can't recall the details...

Sorry probably not a lot of help to you...

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