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I am using the file server appliance as a home server (files + streambaby streaming to my tivo). I would like to install a lamp stack on it so I can work on building a wordpress website. Is that possible? Do I just go through the steps of installing a LAMP (there are plenty of tutorials)? I know I could just try it, but I don't want to mess up my file server, which we use every day.

I guess another option would be to run the TKL lamp or wordpress appliance in a VM. Any advice on which would be the better option? The machine is a pentium 4 with 2 gb of ram.


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Because the best way forward will depend on what version you are running.

Personally I'm a big fan of ProxmoxVE as a hypervisor with TKL running in OVZ on top of it, but I'm not sure that your hardware would support it. I guess if you only plan to use TKL VMs though it shouldn't matter as I don't think OVZ cares (KVM does). It'd be a pain to install too though as you'd have to trash your current server and remove all the data somewhere else (while you install).

In the long run though that would be the best bet. IMO anyway...

Regardless, installing Apache/MySQL/PHP might be your best bet... If you have v12.x or v13.0 then you should be ok (but if it's v12.x then read this blog post. You'll need to install yourself... As you say there are tons of tutorials about so it shouldn't be an issue. Keep in mind though, that if you stick with v12.x (with the LTS updates) then at some point in the future WordPress will probably stop supporting PHP5.3 (default in Squeeze) and then you'll need to look at updating or some alternate path... Having said that, it looks like WordPress still supports PHP5.2.4 so it probably won't be a problem anytime soon...

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Thank for the response, Jeremy. I'm on version 13. This will be for the development of a website, but eventually it will move to a webhost, so long-term support is not important. I'll try installing the rest of the LAMP stack then.

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Wheezy in the case of v13.0

If you can find a tutorial for Wheezy you'll be laughing, but but pretty much any Debian or Ubuntu tutorial from within the last few years that installs using apt will pretty much do it...

Feel free to post back if you have any issues.

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