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I'm working from this to turn daloradius into a turnkey appliance http://blog.e2h.net/2011/07/01/servidor-radius-con-gestion-web-freeradiu...

where's the best place I can learn best practice to get this moving?

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We always welcome new appliances to the library.

TurnKey uses TKLDev to create appliances.

I have had a quick look through the tutorial that you link to and it looks pretty straight forward. It is for the previous version of Debian but that may not matter (and if it does I suspect that it will only require minor tweaking).

I think that the TKLDev documentation is pretty good. But it might also be useful to look at the other appliance code.

In essence the 4 main things to do are:

  • Decide the best base appliance (I don't know enough about the setup to provide much advice there, but I suspect that Core would be the best...) and fork it.
  • All the packages that need installing go in the plan.
  • Any files that you want overlayed on the filesystem go in the overlay folder.
  • And any other install/config script go in the conf directory (I linked to the LAMP conf.d as Core doesn't have one by default)..

If you need any other guidance or advice please feel fre to post back.

If you get it done real soon, we may even be able to squeeze a new appliance into the v13.1 release!

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Hi Jedmeister,


Thankyou for the quick reply, forking and will see how quickly I can get this up and running.

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