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I'm having trouble installing tklbam on Ubuntu Trusty - 14.04LTS. Seems like there are references to debian jessie in the apt source config when using the ez-apt-install.sh from http://www.turnkeylinux.org/blog/turnkey-13-and-tklbam-1.4. (404 errors)

Does tklbam support 14.04LTS yet?


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As TKLBAM is primarily designed for TurnKey Linux (which is Debian based) I wouldn't anticipate Ubuntu specific packages being released anytime soon.

However I would have expected it to work regardless (especially considering that AFAIK Trusty was built from a snapshot of Jessie). Perhaps there are some dependencies that Ubuntu didn't port from Jessie (leaving them unmet)? If you could share the exact error then perhaps I could help you work around it?

I guess the other option would be to try building from source - although I'm not totally sure that that wouldn't end with the same or similar issues...

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It's a 404 error when trying to do an apt-get update for one repo. The ez-apt-install.sh adds a repo archive.turnkeylinux.org/debian jessie main which returns a 404.

Realise it's primarily designed for turnkey, and I use it all the time with turnkey. Just tklbam rocks so I'd like to try it to migrate a desktop ubuntu from lucid to trusty :)


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Thanks for reporting this. I actually did test that TKLBAM 1.4 works with all Ubuntu versions, but that was before Trusty 14.04 came out. I've added this to my todo list for TKLBAM. In the meantime, I recommend you try downloading the *.deb packages and installing with dpkg. Either that or from source.
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Just an update on this - I didn't have any success backing up from 10.04 and restoring to 14.04 or 13.10 - in both instances the boot log complained a lot about config in /etc/fontconfig and then on 14.04 threw an out of memory error before hanging. 13.10 was similar but just without the out of memory.

I don't think it's a tklbam issue - the 10.04 install must have had something strange installed. Unfortunately I'm out of time do I'm doing a fresh 14.04 install and just migrating data manually.


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Any updates on when Ubuntu 14.04 will be supported in tklbam?

This is the error when trying the install script:

W: Failed to fetch http://archive.turnkeylinux.org/debian/dists/jessie/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found

Using the wheezy repository allows one to install tklbam and run "sudo tklbam init" but after supplying the API KEY, the script exits with the following:

Linked TKLBAM to your Hub account.
TurnKey Hub Error: Backup profile archive not found: ubuntu-14.04

Without a profile TKLBAM can't auto-configure the backup process for your
system. Sorry about that! However even without a profile you can still:

- Restore existing backups
- Backup raw directories with the --raw-upload option

You can use the --force-profile option to fix or workaround a missing profile
in several ways:

- Use an empty profile with --force-profile=empty
- Use a custom profile with --force-profile=path/to/custom/profile/

    tklbam-internal create-profile --help

Also, if TKLBAM is linked to the Hub you can:

- Download a profile for another TurnKey system with --force-profile=codename (e.g., "core")
- Download the all-purpose generic profile with --force-profile=generic

Run "tklbam-init --help" for further details.
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The best Ubuntu support you'll probably get any time soon will be a repo...

That will still result in the same message as there is no Ubuntu profile. And there won't be because it's not an appliance like TKL appliances and wouldn't make sense to create some arbitrary profile for it...

So you will need to follow the instructions and choose one of the options to create, ignore or use a profile.

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