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I recent downloaded and started trying to use the Revision Control appliance. I'm trying to migrate my existing code to the appliance, but want to upgrade to svn 1.8.9 so I can use the svnrdump command. The svn version installed is 1.6.17 which is the newest one in the debian package repository.

I have downloaded 1.8.9 and had some success in building it. I got a "warning" about if I need APR.... not sure I need it, but seems to be optional anyway. It completed with no "errors".

However, when I run svn --version I still get v1.6.17. How do I get it to use the newer version?

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Forgot to mention, I'm relatively new to linux in general. I might need a bit more detail.

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Tried it again and actually APR is a requirement. I used apt-get and install both libapr1 and libaprutil1, but it's still complaining.

Is it because I'm working at a wrong location? Where should it be to make it work?

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Hi David,

Try installing the APR -dev packages:

apt-get libapr1-dev

In general, whenever you run into a build dependency try doing something like this:

root@core ~# apt-cache search libapr|grep dev
libapr1-dev - Apache Portable Runtime Library - Development Headers
libaprutil1-dev - Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library - Development Headers
libapron-dev - an abstract interpretation library
libapron-ocaml-dev - an abstract interpretation library (OCaml interface)
libapr-memcache-dev - memcache client library development files
libapreq2-dev - generic Apache request library - development files


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