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Would it be possible to update from MySQL 5.1 currently installed in TKL to MySQL 5.5 or 5.7 using repo?

I've seen a lot of upgrade methods on the internet but I'm not going to install from source or mickey mouse install w/alien using different distributions.

Question; Does TKL have another repo I could use to perform an upgrade to 5.5, 5.6 or 5.7?

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TKL v13.0 (which is still actually in RC AFAIK, but close to a final release)* is based on Debian Wheezy which IIRC has MySQL 5.5 in the repos (and I think by default should use MySQL 5.5 in all apps that use MySQL). Depending on what appliance you have, you should be able to migrate your existing data with TKLBAM pretty easily. 

The other options involve installing from source or other repos. Sometimes you can get lucky and find what you are after in the Debian backport repos, or Dotdeb is a useful third party repo for these situations...

* - I just checked and it seems that v13.0 final has been released despite the fact that the devs haven't announced it yet...

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Thanks everything works perfectly now.


Thanks for your expertise


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Which I suspect will be next year sometime...

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See this post. Although it doesn't step you through it, if you keep in mind that TurnKey v13.x is built on Debian Wheezy (and v12.x on Debian Squeeze) then a quick google should yield plenty enough info to get you going. If you have issues, please feel free to post back. Or even if you want to share your successful method (it might save others the effort of googling).

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