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I have problems with the turnkey Owncloud, 
It loses the network without reason. 

If I go into the console, and I revalidate the configuration. 
The trouble is resolved. 

It is as if the network connection is put on standby, and she expected us to do an action to wake her up.

it happens 3-4 times a day

She is on Static IP, with a reserved IP.

Thanks a lot for your help

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Is it a VM on a laptop? If so perhaps your power settings (in your host OS) are putting your NIC into power saving mode? That'd be my first guess anyway... Even if it's a desktop (not a laptop) it's still probably worth checking your power options (it's just that laptops usually have them enabled by default).

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thanks for your help Jeremy

The VM work on ESX Server, 

The other machines are working properly, Exchange Server, Domain Controller.

I set up a monitoring tool that connect every 5 minutes on Owncloud. And since I have no loss of connection.

VM Owncloud really need that wakes constantly to avoid losing the link, I feel.

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However I'm still not sure why it would be exhibiting that behaviour... Unfortunately I don't have access to a ESX setup so I am unable to troubleshoot further. The fact that your workaround resolves the issue does suggest to me that I may have been on the correct path (despite the fact that this is a ESX VM rather than something more desktop orientated).

If you discover what is causing it and can confirm that it is something specific to TurnKey, we'll gladly look into resolving it. Having said that, we do have a number of ESX users and to the best of my knowledge none have reported similar issues...

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thank you very much

I'll keep looking in this direction

I have not found a "standby mode" enabled for the moment

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