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I though I would add a second CPU to the LAMP machine ( Dual Xeon e5405 / 2Ghz / 12mb )  but after installing the second CPU the machine wont boot - it hangs on the following line 

[5.176585] smpboot cpu 3: start_ip = 99000

Remove the second CPU and the machine will boot normally. This is my first Linx machine and I am not certain of what I am doing ( obviously! ) - should I be editing the grub configuration to allow the second CPU as I have found this being mentioned on some forums.

The Tower is an old Dell T5400, Xeon E5405 2Ghz ( single installed but dual slots - and I have the second CPU and heatsink ) with 2GB RAM. 

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It appears that I bought the wrong S-Spec. The machine has an E5405 SLBBP chip. I bought an E5405 SLAP2 chip.

I have now bought the CORRECT S-Spec chip and am awaiting its delivery. If I still have the issue when I try to install it next week then I shall return with more information in the form of log data. 

But it's really looking like I made a mistake and bought the wrong hardware at this point!!

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Unlike Windows (which usually chucks a tanty if significant hardware changes occur) Linux should just work...

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